about us

The Max Group is proud of the excellent partnerships it currently has with Mitsui Sumitomo, Japan and Toppan, Japan for its Life Insurance and Speciality Films businesses respectively and with New York Life for Max India and MaxVIL. These partnerships have consistently grown, developed, and matured into strong relationships.

MaxVIL operates across two core businesses:

  1. Max Estates Limited (MEL), real estate arm of the Max Group focuses on the development of Grade A Commercial Real Estate in NCR  which is among the top 3 Real Estate markets in India. It is complemented by:

Max Asset Services Limited (MAS) focuses on providing Real Estate as a service -facility management, community development and ‘managed offices’ in commercial real estate.

Max Investments limited (Max I.) solely focuses on promising Real Estate Tech Investments

2. Max SpecialityFilms Limited (MSFL) manufactures BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) films of differentiated quality catering to Packaging Films Industry

Our values


We encourage a culture of service and helpfulness so that our actions positively impact society.Our commitment to Seva defines and differentiates us.

Positive Social Impact, Helpfulness, Culture of Service, Mindfulness.



We gather the experts and the expertise to deliver the best solutions for life’s many moments of truth.We never settle for good enough.

Expertise, Dependability, Entrepreneurship, Business Performance.



We give you our word and we stand by it. No matter what. A “NO” uttered with the deepest conviction is better than a “YES” merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. Our words are matched by our actions and behaviour.

Transparency, Integrity, Respect, Governance



We aspire to become the most trusted and preferred real estate company with a strong North India footprint by outperforming the industry in Design, Functionality, Customer Experience and Return on Equity.



  • Enhance the well-being of those who inhabit our spaces through exceptional design, sustainability and experiences.
  • Be the most trusted and credible choice for customers, shareholders, and employees.
  • Lead the market in quality, reputation and harnessing technology.
  • Maintain cutting edge standards of governance.
  • Be agile in adapting to evolving environment.