Max Learning

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Max Learning is an extension of the owner sponsors longstanding association with the cause of quality education and Max Group’s enduring focus on the businesses of social good and caring for people throughout their life spans, whether it is by maintaining their health in hospitals and clinics; giving them peace of mind and insuring their lives and their health needs against unforeseen events and unfortunate circumstances; providing homes and facilities that enhance their spirit of wellbeing and contentment from birth onwards; looking after them in their leisure through hospitality and allied services; caring for them in their old age – and now, through imparting education that inculcates critical thinking, responsible citizenry, creative flair, sensitivity to the environment and a cosmopolitan outlook, all combined with an ethos and international standards of excellence.

Basing their provision on academic and other educational best practice, the schools will be benchmarked against the foremost around the globe. A young man or woman possessing intellectual rigor, great character and high ethical standards from an outstanding Max Learning school will encounter the world equipped with an impressive and inspiring combination of qualifications and personal qualities, and the capacity to navigate its complexity with deep confidence. Children of the twenty-first century face turbulent times and formidable tests of character, but they also have the chance to lead richer lives than their ancestors, and, thanks to technology and scientific advances, more opportunities for personal and social fulfilment than any previous generations in history. Max Learning’s educational communities are committed to ensuring that children feel glad to be alive in this human epoch. Currently, we are developing a strategic business plan for Max Learning, elaborating its organizational design principles and are in the process of identifying the key capabilities required.