Shareholder Services

This section is dedicated to our shareholders and investors.

All queries relating to investor services may please be directed to our dedicated Investor Helpline.
All queries relating to equity shares should be addressed to the Share Transfer Agent. While sending queries / grievances, investors should quote the Folio Number, Certificate Number, the Client ID and Depository Participant ID, , and full address including pin code and telephone / fax number, if any.

Address your queries to our dedicated Investor Helpline:  [email protected]
or direct your queries to:

  • Mr. Ankit Jain, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
    Max Ventures and Industries limited
    Max Towers, L-12, C-001/A/1, Sector- 16B, Noida- 201301
    Telephones: +91 (120) 4743222
  • Share Transfer Agent
    MAS Services Limited
    Plot No. T-34, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110 020
    Fax: +91 (11) 26387384
    Telephones: +91 (11) 26387381-83
Procedure for Dematerialization of Shares
  • Shareholder to open an account with a Depository Participant (DP) of choice
  • Surrender defaced certificates along with Dematerialization Request Form (DRF) to the DP
  • DP intimates NSDL / CDSL of the request
  • DP submits the certificate with the DRF to the Share Transfer Agent
  • The Share Transfer Agent confirms the dematerialization with NSDL / CDSL, validates the request, updates records and informs the applicant
  • NSDL/CDSL credits the DP’s account and informs the DP
  • DP updates the shareholder’s account and informs the shareholder
  • Shareholder to submit Rematerialization Request Form (RRF) to the DP
  • DP intimates NSDL / CDSL of the request and submits the RRF to the Share Transfer Agent
  • NSDL / CDSL confirms rematerialization request to the Share Transfer Agent who updates accounts, prints certificates and informs NSDL / CDSL
  • NSDL / CDSL updates accounts and downloads details to DP
  • Share Transfer Agent dispatches certificates to the shareholder
  • Investor places an order with his broker, who in turn issues a contract note
  • The broker instructs his DP to debit his Clearing Member (CM) account
  • At the time of settlement, the broker makes payment to Clearing Corporation / Clearing House (CC / CH) via the clearing bank
  • The CC / CH releases shares to the broker’s CM account, which are then transferred to the investor’s account via NSDL / CDSL
  • Investor’s account gets credited
  • The investor places an order for sale of shares with a broker
  • The broker issues a contract note to the investor
  • The investor instructs the DP to debit his account
  • The shares move from the investor’s account to the broker’s Clearing Member (CM) account via NSDL / CDSL. The broker’s CM account is credited
  • At the time of settlement, the broker transfers his CM account to CC / CH, his account is debited, and the broker receives payment from the CC / CH, which is passed on to the investor
  • NSDL/ CDSL will provide details of beneficial owners (investors in demat segment) with reference to the record date / book closure date.
  • In the case of dividend payment, the Company will disburse the dividend by sending dividend warrants directly to the beneficial owners – similar to the manner followed in the physical system.
  • In case of other corporate benefits like rights / bonus issues, the distribution is in electronic form through NSDL / CDSL.
  • The investors should ensure that their accounts are credited for purchases before the record date / book closure, as the case may be, to be entitled to all corporate benefits.